Dear Residents,

At the same time that NML are taking steps to improve the safety of children around the children’s playground by moving the entrance gate from the main pathway side to the side facing the cricket pavilion, NOTHRA have also been working with NML and consulting with residents (including those living nearby on the other side of the adjacent conservation area).

We have prepared 4 signs (see below) for the area around the children’s playground to remind residents and visitors approaching the area that it is the main play area for young children and so ask that everyone take care when walking dogs nearby or when riding past on bikes or scooters.

Our hope is that with consideration the number of incidents (particularly over the summer months when the area can get quite busy) can be reduced or eliminated.

Please also bear in mind that the adjacent Conservation Area, which contains listed trees should be enjoyed with due consideration given to it’s land status and the rights of those who live nearby to quiet enjoyment of their homes.

Thank you to all those that already take care when passing the children’s play area.

playground signs v3

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